Rejoice! The Preschool welcomed the sounds of children’s laughter and teacher’s voices into the hallways and classrooms for the 2022 – 2023 school year.

Orientation was held for the preschool families on Thursday, September 8. The teachers discussed procedures and policies for the upcoming school year. It was so great to see classrooms full of parents again instead of having to communicate by Zoom meetings. The preschool also welcomed Mayra Smoker, a new Aide in the 4 year old classroom.

Mrs. Passariello, Mrs. Stambaugh and Mrs. Smoker are ready to make a big splash with their 4-year-old surfers. They have been building sand castles, soaking up the sun and riding the waves, while learning about the beauties of God’s world.

Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Rost, Mrs. Lehr and Mrs Trump also embraced their two and three-year-old lambs who followed them to school one day. They began the year by going up the hill and jumping over candlesticks while learning about nursery rhymes and Gods wonderful love.

We are also excited to have our Parent Group activities begin! The committee kicked off the year with a Weep and Rejoice Party for the parents on the first day of school. A special thank you to those who helped to organize this event. The next parent event will be Table or Treat for Halloween. Keep an eye out for other fun activities that we have planned for October. Fire Prevention week will be the first week of October. The Preschool is looking forward to seeing our local firemen with their firetrucks at school so that the children can learn all about fire safety

We all hope to have a happy, safe and healthy school year. We ask for your prayers for the staff as they continue to reach the hearts of children and for the children who learn about God’s purpose and love.

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